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Month: March 2020

Empty shelving at a supermarket due to stockpilers in the pandemic

Living with disabilities: The dangers of Coronavirus, panic buying and reduced access to care

Coronavirus has quickly become a global concern, disrupting businesses, families and the day-to-day life for millions of people. It’s especially concerning for those with pre-existing conditions, who are more at risk of developing more serious symptoms if they contract the virus. But there are many other factors that come with the Covid-19 pandemic which make […]

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Getting a WAV through Motability

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Reviews

Shopping for wheelchair-accessible vehicles should be as exciting as buying any other car, but with so many options and varying opinions on makes and models before you even get to the accessibility features, it can also feel a little overwhelming. Sieving through the endless reviews of family-sized vehicles can feel like a challenge in itself, so we thought we’d save you time and do a little digging.

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