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Getting Your WAV Serviced

Getting your WAV serviced is a key part of vehicle maintenance that helps to keep everything running as it should be – keeping you safe and saving you money! Whether you’ve bought your WAV privately or through the Motability Scheme, you’ll want to get it regularly serviced to keep it in tip top condition. Here’s […]

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Taking a WAV Abroad

An incredible part of having access to a vehicle that will accommodate a wheelchair is the freedom to go and travel practically wherever you like – and this includes exciting adventures abroad! Travelling abroad while disabled can be daunting. Being disabled does give you certain exemptions and entitlements much like you would find here in […]

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WAVs for People With Large Families

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) can enable wheelchair users and the loved ones in their households to enjoy the freedom that many non-disabled people take for granted. Having access to a personal vehicle adapted to accommodate a wheelchair can make a really huge difference in people’s lives, making everyday activities far easier and more accessible. Not […]

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What to do if your WAV breaks down

Breaking down mid travel can be a nightmare for any road user but there’s the added worry of being stranded as a disabled person. Fortunately, there are breakdown providers that offer specialist policies for wheelchair users so you can rest assured that you’ll be helped as quickly as possible, and your accessibility needs will be […]

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Everything to know about hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

Got an event or holiday approaching and need to travel with a passenger who uses a wheelchair? Or maybe you’re a wheelchair user looking to borrow a vehicle that can accommodate your access needs? Hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a great option for weekends away, making trips to visit friends and family, and […]

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Taking your WAV for an accessible day trip in the UK

Thinking about day trip accessibility is a big worry for many wheelchair users around the UK. Whether or not you’ll be able to find wheelchair friendly attractions, food vendors, bathrooms, and convenient parking for your wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a bit of a gamble – unless you’re able to do a bit of research […]

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Disabled Driving on the Motorway: The AccessAble app and our top tips!

One of the biggest worries while using the motorway with a disability is finding an accessible place to stop for a break. You can’t always know what sort of facilities a rest stop will have and because it can be dangerous taking the risk of just showing up and hoping for the best, travelling on […]

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How a WAV Can Improve Your Mental Health

It’s easy to underestimate the value of the independence granted by just being able to hop in the car and take a trip whenever you like. Yet it’s even easier to underestimate the impact that this kind of freedom can have on our mental health. Having access to a vehicle of their own is something […]

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Winter Driving Tips for WAVs

Winter is coming! It’s time to think about checking your wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) to make sure it’s safe to drive when the temperature drops. Driving in winter can be a bit precarious (and occasionally dangerous) for all road users. For people driving WAVs, there are some special considerations to ensure disabled driver and passenger […]

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The benefits of ride-upfront WAVs

Ride up front wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) allow wheelchair users to sit ‘shotgun’ in the front passenger seat alongside the driver, while sitting in their wheelchair. The vehicle is adapted with a ramp or lift to load the wheelchair and a space beside the driver, fitted with straps, so that the wheelchair can be easily […]

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Our Top 10 WAV Travel Tips

For disabled people, such as those who use mobility aids like wheelchairs, travel can take some extra planning to ensure that they get to where they need to go, have a successful trip, and can travel in safety and comfort. While travelling with a disability, or with a disabled person, can pose its extra challenges, […]

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Testing out vehicle adaptations for disabled people at a Driving Assessment Centre

Can people in wheelchairs drive cars and can they travel as a passenger? Yes! – People with all sorts of physical disabilities can drive vehicles, including many who use mobility aids such as wheelchairs. Of course, people use wheelchairs for a variety of reasons; many people who use wheelchairs are not totally unable to walk […]

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