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Getting a WAV with PIP/DLA on the Motability Scheme

Can I get a mobility car? If you receive a government allowance for your disability, you might be entitled to lease a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) or another accessible vehicle through the Motability Scheme. When you’re looking into disability vehicles for the first time, the process can seem stressful – especially if you’re trying to […]

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Everything you need to know about using a Blue Badge

What is a Blue Badge? A Blue Badge is a certificate that you can display in your vehicle’s window to show that you’re entitled to park in disabled parking spaces and other places non-disabled people are otherwise not allowed to park. Blue Badges are an absolute necessity for disabled drivers and passengers who benefit from […]

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A History of the Motability Scheme

What is the Motability Scheme? The Motability Scheme, run by the charity Motability, helps disabled people access affordable and convenient vehicle leases. With the Motability Scheme you can lease a car, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), a scooter, or a powered wheelchair. How did the Motability Scheme come to be? Before the scheme was introduced, […]

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What’s included in the Motability Scheme?

The Motability Scheme allows you to exchange all or part of your higher rate mobility allowance to lease a car, WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle), scooter, or powered wheelchair to help make travel more accessible. What makes the Motability Scheme so amazing is that it includes a lot of things that would otherwise take a lot […]

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How to use a WAV safely

  What is a WAV vehicle and why is this important? A WAV is a wheelchair accessible vehicle. WAVs are vehicles specifically converted to allow them to accommodate a wheelchair so that disabled people can travel without having to get in and out of their wheelchair. WAVs allow wheelchair users to enter the vehicle using […]

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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower card

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards: what are they for and who can wear them?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower – a discreet symbol indicating that the wearer has a disability that may not be visible – is now recognised in several countries around the globe after being launched in the UK in 2016. The aim of the Sunflower is to communicate to staff and members of the public that the […]

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Vehicle adaptations make driving possible again

New vs Used WAVs – How to Know What to Buy

Finding the right wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can be tough. There are many options to choose from on the market and lots of things to take into account. From finding the right adaptations to suit your specific needs to finding something that’s affordable and within your budget, there’s a lot for you  to consider. One […]

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Wheelchair access in supermarkets – is it good enough?

One of the many things that the challenges of 2020 have taught us is that the supermarket is firmly at the centre of British life.  For many people, suddenly having to grapple with planning your entire day around doing the big shop, with a high chance of discomfort while you’re there, was a new and […]

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High street shops still lacking accessibility for wheelchairs

Despite the Equality Act placing a duty on shops to make reasonable adjustments to ensure their services are accessible, wheelchair users are still being denied access. Now, as lockdown restrictions are eased and businesses scramble to get back on track, it’s revealed that “retailers that have reopened could be excluding as many as one in […]

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Spotlight: VW Caddy

At Cartwright Mobility, our love of Ford vehicles for wheelchair conversions is well documented – and they do indeed make up most of our range.  But not all of our catalogue rolls off the Ford assembly line – so in this blog we want to shine our spotlight on another car manufacturer that makes fantastic […]

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The Carony Classic from Autoadapt

Buying a WAV as a Disabled Driver or Disabled Passenger

Buying a car is always about trying to balance the needs of the whole family – the full passenger contingent, the daily commutes and leisure activities, and so much more.  When it comes to choosing an accessible vehicle as a disabled driver, or for a passenger with a disability, making sure all these needs are […]

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Nationwide wide home demonstrations on WAVs

Eight ways to become an ally against ableism – Disability Awareness

The recent spike in activism and civil rights advocacy has opened the minds of many and encouraged many more to better educate themselves on the history, the lives and the experiences of others. While it’s encouraging to see people lending their voices to help advocate for civil rights, sometimes your voice can drown out the […]

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