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Cartwright partners with Stoneacre Ford York Transit Centre

Cartwright’s partnership with Stoneacre United in our love of rugby, Cartwright first partnered with Stoneacre Motor Group over three years ago, when together we helped Wes Trowell – a lifetime supporter of Hull FC – follow his team across the globe in a custom-built wheelchair accessible vehicle. Our combined efforts modified a high roof Ford […]

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Ford disability cars from Cartwright Mobility

Which car manufacturer is best for wheelchair accessibility?

While we all have our favourites, some of us are more married to our automobile manufacturer than others. Are you one of those who puts a great deal of store in their car’s badge, or is it all about the best deal? Car manufacturers have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves for keeping us […]

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Understanding your options for wheelchair accessible vehicle features and adaptations

There are a wide range of ways that a vehicle can be made more accessible, both for a driver and for a passenger. With the right modifications, a car or van can be tailored exactly to your needs.

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Living and commuting with a hidden disability

What is a hidden disability? Invisible or hidden disabilities are physical, mental or neurological conditions that aren’t necessarily visible to other people – often leading to misunderstandings or unfair assumptions.

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Where in the UK has the best wheelchair access?

Wheelchair accessibility isn’t a checklist – it’s a mindset. It’s simply not enough to add raised platforms at train stations, disabled-friendly toilet facilities at work and ramps to public buildings. While these are good places to start, we need to start reconsidering how we approach development.

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Our range of WAVs are available to book for a home demo

The guide to buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for the first time

Buying your first wheelchair-accessible vehicle can often be an overwhelming experience. You’ve decided the time is right, but that’s only the first step. Soon you’re bombarded with brochures, sifting through details on dozens of models and makes – it’s enough to make anyone dizzy.

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VW Caddy WAV interior

The importance of test-driving a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

You’ve shortlisted the wheelchair-accessible vehicles that you think fit the bill – so what’s next? A test drive is an essential part of buying a WAV – not just for driver, but for everyone who will be using the vehicle.

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Recognising and combating ableism at work

What is ableism? We see it in showbiz with non-disabled actors playing disabled roles. We see it in activism with Greta Thunberg sounding off against politicians who use her diagnosis of autism to invalidate her efforts to tackle climate change. We see it in employment figures with disabled women being “more than twice as likely […]

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How are government rail plans impacting disabled commuters?

Overcrowding, cancellations and delays have plagued commuters this summer, with reports that 114 passengers a day were unable to board some Northern services. With trains running at total capacity, unreliable departure times and no sign of an end to the commuter chaos, where does this leave disabled passengers? Promising a better rail network The idea […]

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Vehicle adaptations make driving possible again

Choosing between a new wheelchair-accessible vehicle or adaptations

On the road again With mobility options ranging from simple vehicle adaptations helping you get from A to B with ease, to state-of-the-art wheelchair-accessible vehicles (or WAVs) designed with the safety and comfort of wheelchair users in mind – it’s never been easier to get out and about, whatever your mobility needs may be.

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Motability The Big Event

Motability’s Summer of Events 2019

It’s another busy summer of events for showcasing the latest and greatest Motability Scheme wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). We’re pleased to say that this year we’re involved in three of the events that will take place in Birmingham, Exeter and Harrogate.

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