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Choosing a WAV

Our straightforward guide to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV) will help you choose the right vehicle so you can take to the open road with safety and ease.

Types of WAV

A WAV gives you the freedom to travel in your wheelchair without having to transfer into a seat. By travelling in this way you can benefit from the comfort of any specialist support provided by your wheelchair and you don’t have to worry about stowing it in the boot of the vehicle.

Cartwright Mobility specialises in rear passenger wheelchair accessible vehicles but there are conversions that enable you to drive from your wheelchair. As a rear passenger you enter the vehicle through the back by either a lift or a ramp and secure your wheelchair with an easy-to-use restraint system.

Vehicle Sizes

When choosing a vehicle it’s important to think about how many other passengers will be travelling with you and what else you’re likely to be taking. We have three vehicle sizes which each have a standard seating layout that is adaptable, giving you a choice between extra space or an additional seat.

You can expect the vehicle sizes below to have the following number or seats (including the driver’s):

  • Small: one wheelchair position with the option of either 2 or 3 seats.
  • Medium: one wheelchair position with the option of either 4 or 5 seats.
  • Large/minibus: one wheelchair position with the option of either 6 or 7 seats.

Consider also where you are going to be parking the vehicle and what size of vehicle you feel comfortable driving.

Ramp or lift

Most wheelchair accessible vehicles are fitted with a ramp or lift at the rear. A lowered floor with a manually folding ramp is the most common type of entrance to a WAV. This option gives you lots of headroom inside the vehicle and a gentler incline leading up to the vehicle.

Ramps can be spring loaded or mid-folding to make them easier to use but remember to check that whoever helps you is comfortable using it. If you choose a ramp then you can often add an electric winch to assist you in getting into the vehicle with maximum ease.

If getting up a ramp is too difficult then you can consider a powered lift. These are often found on larger vehicles and they are ideal for electric wheelchairs.

Try for yourself

Our trained mobility experts can assess your needs and suggest a wheelchair accessible vehicle to suit you. When you’ve chosen a vehicle the best way to decide if its right for you is to try it out for yourself, making sure to include everyone who would normally travel with you.

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