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Eight Reasons to Love the VW Caddy WAV

The new rear passenger Volkswagen Caddy WAV is now available to lease on the Motability Scheme and to celebrate its launch we’ve put together our top eight reasons to love this vehicle.

1. You can choose to buy or lease

You can choose to buy the VW Caddy WAV privately or lease the vehicle on the Motability Scheme. The advanced payment for quarter two (2019) starts from £2797 for a five year lease that includes insurance, servicing, car tax and breakdown assistance. If you’re unsure whether you are eligible for the Scheme, check out our blog post: How do I get a WAV on the Motability Scheme?

2. Volkswagen has inherent style

Whether it’s the iconic camper van or the popular Golf GTI, Volkswagen has a reputation for designing stylish vehicles and the Caddy doesn’t disappoint. Its sleek contours and modern design mark it out from other cars with wheelchair access available right now on the market.

3. It’s more likely to fit on your drive

The VW Caddy is a compact WAV so it’s more likely to fit on your drive and awkward spaces in supermarket car parks. The size of the Maxi Life is similar to a family car… think Ford Mondeo Estate or the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport.  Don’t forget too that the Caddy comes with rear parking sensors as standard to give you a bit of extra help getting into those tight spots.

4. The folding ramp is lightweight

The manual folding ramp on this rear passenger WAV is easy to use and lightweight too. The ramp is assisted so when you lower it to the floor you’ll never take its full weight and when it comes to folding it away it simply clicks back into place.

5. Extra space when you need it

The Volkswagen Caddy WAV has five seats and space for a wheelchair in the rear but if you need more space for your sports kit or shopping bags then the second row of seats can be folded down, tipped forward or removed completely.

VW Caddy WAV Interior VW Caddy WAV with wheelchair
6. Easy access into the vehicle

Access to the second row of seats is through twin sliding doors so even in a tight space it’s easy to get into and out of the vehicle. For privacy in the rear you can choose to add privacy glass when you order your new WAV from Cartwright Mobility.

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7. A quality and attractive interior

Volkswagen has added extra touches to the Caddy to make sure your journey is comfortable. Both front seats have 8-way adjustment for height and lumbar support, and the leather steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake. The driver and passenger benefit from height adjustable head rests, and front and curtain airbags.

8. Available in manual and automatic

The VW Caddy WAV is available in both manual and automatic so whatever your driving preference we have it covered. Some people prefer the control of a manual gearbox but others like the ease of an automatic transmission. Read more in our blog post: ‘Automatic vs Manual – Choosing Your WAV’.

If like us you think the VW Caddy makes a great wheelchair accessible vehicle then we’d love to hear from you. We offer no-obligation home demonstrations anywhere in the UK, contact us today on 01302 279265 or email

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