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Emma’s Early Birthday Present from Cartwright

Today is a special day for Emma Renshaw- she is turning 27 and as part of the celebrations is heading out in her new wheelchair accessible vehicle from Cartwright Mobility.

The Ford Tourneo Custom was delivered the day before Emma’s birthday and mum, Mandy, is looking forward to getting behind the wheel and taking them both out for a drive.

Emma needed a bigger vehicle to fit her electric wheelchair with space to carry a spare manual wheelchair to use on day trips. They’re already planning to put that extra room to good use on their drive to the UK coast for a family holiday in June.

The family-friendly layout of the Ford Tourneo Custom attracted Mandy to this vehicle so she could still be near Emma while driving. Day-to-day they’ll use the vehicle for getting to art class, weekly trips to the supermarket and visiting family in their home town of Derby.

Mandy explains: “The layout of this vehicle is fantastic because it means Emma can sit closer to me in the front rather than right at the back of the vehicle, and the extra space gives us room for her electric wheelchair and her manual wheelchair too.”

Cartwright Mobility’s Chris Davison, responsible for the Converter’s wheelchair accessible vehicles, took time out yesterday to hand over the vehicle to Emma (pictured above).

“Since it’s been delivered we’ve had lots of visitors for Emma’s birthday and we’ve been able to show everyone; now we can’t wait to take it for a spin to finish off a brilliant day,” continued Mandy.

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