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Everything to know about hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

Got an event or holiday approaching and need to travel with a passenger who uses a wheelchair? Or maybe you’re a wheelchair user looking to borrow a vehicle that can accommodate your access needs?

Hiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a great option for weekends away, making trips to visit friends and family, and other special occasions. WAVs come with ramps or lifts to allow you to easily load and unload wheelchairs so the passenger can enjoy the entire journey from the comfort of their wheelchair.

Hiring a WAV is also a fantastic way to test out if one is right for you, if you’re a wheelchair user yourself. WAVs are a big investment and, although there is financial help out there, it’s important to know if a WAV will support you in your transport needs before you take that step and lease one for yourself. There are so many benefits to owning your own WAV, of course. You’ll be able to travel where you want, when you want – and there can even be benefits to your mental health.

If you’ve got a trip planned and need a wheelchair accessible vehicle to accommodate a friend or relative with a wheelchair, or if you’re a wheelchair user yourself – here’s everything you need to know about hiring a WAV…

Where can I rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle and how much does it cost?

If you’re interested in hiring a WAV vehicle, Cartwright Mobility can help you out. We offer WAVs for hire on flexible terms so you can enjoy a WAV for a time that suits you – whether it’s a day trip, special event, short holiday, or longer!

To rent, we offer a spacious Ford Grand Tourneo Connect that will comfortably accommodate a wheelchair user and five other people! Our prices start from £80 per day with convenient daily insurance from £7.50.

Learn more about Cartwright Mobility WAV hire for more details.

At Cartwright Mobility, we specialise in wheelchair accessible vehicles, and we believe everyone (including wheelchair users) should have access to a personal vehicle if they want to. That’s why, as well as offering WAVs for hire, we also lease WAVs through the Motability Scheme and privately to help wheelchair users find something that meets their needs and falls within their budget. So, contact us today if you’d like to learn more about hiring a WAV or want to find out what we’ve got to offer here at Cartwright from a friendly advisor.

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