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How a WAV Can Improve Your Mental Health

It’s easy to underestimate the value of the independence granted by just being able to hop in the car and take a trip whenever you like. Yet it’s even easier to underestimate the impact that this kind of freedom can have on our mental health.

Having access to a vehicle of their own is something that many non-disabled drivers take for granted. When it comes to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), being able to go on a journey in a vehicle that can accommodate your wheelchair makes it so much easier to access day-to-day tasks like visiting friends or grocery shopping, as well as the bigger journeys like visiting other towns and going on holidays.

As mentioned above, perhaps the most important part of having a WAV of your own is the independence it can give you. Being able to make your own plans and take more impromptu trips just like anyone else is something everyone can benefit from. Something that can give a sense of freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

With this freedom, you’ll have the chance to make memories with your friends and loved ones. Taking trips to fun and exciting places (you might otherwise not be able to travel to) is fantastic for our mental health. Experiencing new things, getting outside and spending quality time with people can be incredibly beneficial for our wellbeing.

Not to mention that if you’re a driver yourself with an adapted WAV that lets you drive from your wheelchair, you’ll get to experience the joy of driving! Many people find driving relaxing, therapeutic, and even fun. Of course, driving in traffic or adverse weather can be stressful but there’s something to be said for a gorgeous country road with a good view! Driving can give you some time to have a good think which many people find is really good for them. It’s a time where you don’t necessarily need to worry about anything else, and this can give you a good break from whatever else is going on in your life.

Another fun thing about driving is a good old-fashioned sing along on your travels! Unlike on public transport or in a taxi, you’ll get to be your own deejay and set the tone for your own road trip. Whether you’re on your own or with friends, whether you’re into classic rock or just a good podcast – making the most of your WAV sound system is a great way to have some fun on the road and enjoy that serotonin boost at the same time!

At Cartwright Mobility, we understand the impact a WAV can have on a wheelchair user’s quality of life. That’s why we care so much about helping each customer find a WAV that’s perfect for their needs and within their budget. If you’re looking to lease a WAV either privately or through the Motability Scheme, or simply looking to learn a bit more about WAVs – please talk to us, our friendly team would love to hear from you.

Mental health problems can be particularly challenging for disabled people, if you think you need some support – don’t be embarrassed or afraid to reach out for help.

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