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Our vehicles in review: Ford Transit Custom Vs Ford Tourneo Custom

At Cartwright Mobility, we take great pride in our core range of vehicles. They come highly recommend as a fantastic option for someone seeking a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

However, no vehicle is a one-size-fits-all solution. We know everyone has a huge range of personal preferences when it comes to choosing a car or van, and we are also proud that we can give our customers choice – something that can often be lacking when searching for a WAV.

With this in mind, we thought we’d compare a couple of our most popular WAV options from Ford – the Transit Custom and the Tourneo Custom – two of the larger vehicles that we provide, swinging more towards a van than a car.

Introducing the Transit Custom…

The Ford Transit surely must be one of Ford’s iconic vehicles – while it’s not their most stylish, it’s completely ubiquitous, with millions sold. It’s one of the best selling vans in the world and with good reason – the Transit is a versatile vehicle fit for a huge range of purposes.

Unbeatable space

Built for packing in a huge amount of stuff, whether you’re moving house or building a new one, the Transit’s storage space makes it ideal for a wheelchair conversion, allowing for a fully-fledged automatic lift installation in the back for safe and easy transfers, and plenty of room for the driver and all seven passengers once you’re in. Perfect for the whole family and grandparents, perhaps!

Turning a Transit into a passenger vehicle

Don’t worry, it does have windows in the back! Along with comfortable seats (with the option to have some of them heated), air con, digital radio, Bluetooth and cruise control, it’s got all the comforts you need for a long drive.

Any downsides?

It is still a Transit van – and that means it’s large. The length of the vehicle and its high roof is great for passengers looking to stretch out, but can be an adjustment for drivers who aren’t used to a vehicle of this size. While it does have a huge range of available features, it’s more function over form.

Introducing the Grand Tourneo Connect….

The Tourneo is essentially an adaptation of the Transit – a more compact version that swaps out the Transit’s space for more passenger-friendly features, such as storage designed for personal effects rather than tools. You are sacrificing passenger space, though – with five seats as standard (and the option of adding one extra one) it transports less people than the Transit.

Wheelchair access and space

With a little bit less space, the Tourneo relies on a ramp for wheelchair access, rather than a lift – though it is available in manual and automatic setups. So, while the reduced size makes it more convenient for nipping around town, you’ll still need to find plenty of space to park due to the additional length provided when the ramp is unfolded.

An ideal middle ground

The Tourneo was designed to condense a lot of the best things about the Transit into a more practical passenger vehicle. While still a large car, it’s a lot sleeker than a Transit, and has a cosier interior to match, with more options for creature comforts.

How do the prices compare?

They’re actually not that different, both starting from around the £29,000 mark (or from around £6,000+ on Motability) – though it all depends on the full range of features you’re looking for. Both are fantastic value and will serve you well for a long time.

Try them and see!

The best way to figure out the right WAV for you is to try them yourself – talk to the Cartwright team if you have any questions, and we can sort out a demonstration for you to take a closer look at our vehicles.

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