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Revolutionary seating for Ford WAVs

Cartwright Mobility is revolutionising the way wheelchair users travel with its introduction of a new type of seat into its mobility vehicles. The rear impact protection (RIP) seat gives disabled passengers a safe way of securing their wheelchair, and provides users with back and head support for greater comfort

The RIP seat is normally found in ambulances but engineers at Cartwright have come up with a way of fitting the seat into two of its Ford wheelchair accessible vehicles for everyday use. Available to order on the Ford Transit Minibus and the Ford Transit Custom, the seats meet high European safety standards.

How does a RIP seat work?

The rear impact protection seat works like a normal tip-up seat for those occasions when you need extra space for seated passengers in your vehicle. For everyday use though the RIP seat is at its best when it’s used as a secure wheelchair position.

When the seat is folded away you can back up your wheelchair against it and secure it in position with two karabiners. The seat acts as a back support for wheelchair users and crucially comes with a removable headrest that can be stowed away when it’s not in use. Fitted with twin seat belts, it offers a safe and comfortable and way of travelling.

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Room to spare in Ford WAVs

The Ford wheelchair accessible vehicles from Cartwright Conversions are designed to transport the whole family with room to spare for extras like shopping bags and school kit. The revolutionary RIP seat rotates and slides to one side for those occasions when you need extra space in your vehicle.

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