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The guide to buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for the first time

Buying your first wheelchair-accessible vehicle can often be an overwhelming experience. You’ve decided the time is right, but that’s only the first step. Soon you’re bombarded with brochures, sifting through details on dozens of models and makes – it’s enough to make anyone dizzy.

We’ve put together a useful guide to buying your first wheelchair-accessible vehicle, to help you feel confident in your purchase.

Take a WAV test-drive

Investing in a WAV means you retain your freedom to travel – but wheelchair-accessible vehicles and adaptations can be expensive. While there are schemes to help you finance your vehicle, it’s also crucial that you choose a vehicle that will meet your specific requirements for years to come.

Once you’ve shortlisted a few vehicles, you’ll want to take a test-drive. This is an essential step in buying your first WAV, because it allows you to become more familiar with the vehicle and see how it performs. Does it accommodate your wheelchair comfortably? Do you have sufficient space for any specialist equipment you may need?

Our free, no obligation home demonstrations offer you the freedom to get acquainted with your WAV, ask any questions you may have, and take it for a spin around your neighbourhood, along your regular commute or to the shops. For further information on what to check during your test drive, visit our last blog.

Try more than one type of WAV

No two wheelchair-accessible vehicles are the same. It’s important to take your time and test out a variety of WAVs and make a note of which vehicles have the features you require. Any reputable WAV supplier should be willing to arrange demonstrations of different models until you find the one that’s right for you.

Cartwright home demonstrations last as long as you require to ensure you are satisfied with the test-drive and have had all your questions answered. Even if you think you’ve found “the one”, don’t rush or be pressured into making a purchase straight away – take your time, think about the pros and cons. Then, if you feel confident that you’ve found the right vehicle for you, get back in touch to make your purchase.

Cartwright’s WAV specialists are only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

Always use a specialist WAV supplier

Buying your first wheelchair-accessible vehicle is a more complex process than buying your first car, so you want to know the dealer your working with has all the facts. Dedicated WAV dealers are in a better position to advise you based on your specific requirements.

Here at Cartwright Mobility, our WAV specialists will assess your needs and work with you to choose a vehicle and specification that meets the requirements of your whole family.

Other benefits of using Cartwright Mobility over your average car dealer include our premium aftercare package, warranty and roadside assistance, support to cover the lifetime of the vehicle and our new mobile app that gives you access to useful guides and allows you to easily contact us if you need assistance.

Explore your options for buying and leasing

If you’re worried that a wheelchair-accessible vehicle might be outside your budget, it’s worth looking at the different financing options available.

Cartwright Mobility is an approved supplier of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and vehicle adaptations on the Motability Scheme, which offers and affordable way to lease a WAV if you are in receipt of Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement or Armed Forces Independence Payment.

There are also charitable grants available through Motability which help you afford a vehicle or adaptations based on your personal circumstances.

What’s next?

We understand that there’s a lot to take in. Our team of trained mobility experts are available to answer any and all questions you have about purchasing your first WAV, your specific requirements and financing options. Get in touch to take your next step in finding the right wheelchair-accessible vehicle for you.

In the meantime, we recommend you take a look at Motability’s guide to leasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, for information on the Motability Scheme, more information on access, comfort and safety, and a helpful demonstration checklist.

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