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Vehicle Adaptations

By making some simple changes to your vehicle we can make your journey easier and more comfortable. Cartwright Mobility fit vehicle adaptations from trusted brands like Autoadapt and Elap that are designed to make travelling more accessible for passengers and drivers with mobility restrictions.

Adaptations fall into three categories: access, stowage and driving. Our experienced team of mobility advisers can guide you through the process of choosing the right vehicle adaptation to fit your requirements. All of these products are available to buy privately or through the Motability Scheme when you order a new vehicle.

For help and guidance on vehicle adaptations request a call-back from one of our advisers today.

Autoadapt Carony Classic

These adaptations are designed to help you get in and out of your vehicle with ease. Our range of rotating car seats can be fitted to the driver and passenger side for easy transfer from your vehicle into a wheelchair.

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Autoadapt Carolift 6000/6900

Stowage systems can help you to safely lift a wheelchair or scooter into your car. Our range of hoists are simple to fit and provide a hassle-free way of moving and storing your wheelchair.

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Autoadapt Carospeed Classic

Driving adaptations are designed to assist you with driving for a comfortable and safe journey. From hand controls to pedal extensions, chose a device that is suitable for your needs.

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