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WAVs for People With Large Families

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) can enable wheelchair users and the loved ones in their households to enjoy the freedom that many non-disabled people take for granted. Having access to a personal vehicle adapted to accommodate a wheelchair can make a really huge difference in people’s lives, making everyday activities far easier and more accessible.

Not only is it more convenient to have access to a single vehicle that can accommodate the whole household at once, it can also be really meaningful in allowing the whole family to enjoy travelling together. Having to travel separately from the rest of the family can be isolating for wheelchair users, and medium-large WAVs are a great solution…

There are some fantastic medium-large wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market, perfectly designed for families to travel together. At Cartwright, we offer four WAVs that may be suitable for wheelchair users with families – one in particular that is very spacious and ideal for large families and large mobility chairs.

Our largest WAV, the Ford Transit Custom, can seat up to eight people. This makes it a great option for families with several children. To make the vehicle as flexible as possible for your needs, it also has folding rear seats and can be set up in multiple seating arrangements.

As well as several great modern features – such as air conditioning, digital radio, parking sensors, cruise control, and automatic wipers and headlights – the Ford Transit Custom comes with a user-friendly, fully automatic fixed platform lift for safe and speedy rear loading as standard.

Find out more on our Ford Transit Custom vehicle page where you can request a brochure and book a demo. If you’re unsure what size WAV you might be after – read this comparison between the Ford Transit Custom and the Ford Tourneo Custom, the Transit’s slightly more compact cousin.

At Cartwright Mobility, we know that there are so many benefits to having access to an accessible vehicle and that’s why we care about finding people WAVs that suit their needs and circumstances. We don’t think that wheelchair users with large families should have to travel separately from their loved ones if they would benefit from the convenience and enjoyment of travelling together.

You can find out more about all of the vehicles we have available as well as some things to think about when choosing a WAV. Our WAVs are available to purchase privately or through the Motability Scheme. If you need any more information and would like to talk to someone from our friendly team, we’d be more than happy to help you – so please contact us.

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