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What is the Nearly New WAV Scheme?

Did you know that you can choose to lease a nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) through the Motability Scheme? A nearly new WAV is less than three years old and has usually been returned to Motability because of a change in the owner’s circumstances which means the vehicle is no longer suitable. With lower advance payments than a brand new WAV it is a more affordable option to leasing a vehicle through the Scheme. In this article we’ll outline some of the key things to consider and look at the next steps to securing your vehicle.

The advantages of a nearly new WAV

Motability’s nearly new WAVs have a much shorter delivery time than brand new conversions because the vehicle is already built. You will need to wait for a vehicle to become available but you’re more likely to be waiting weeks rather than months. And it’s not just the lead times that are different but the lease period is also shorter. Typically you would lease a brand new Motability WAV for five years but for nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicles this is reduced to three years.

A nearly new WAV also has a lower advance payment than its brand new equivalent so it’s a more affordable option for lots of families. Motability splits these WAVs into three price bands based on the vehicle’s size, condition and the age of the vehicle. You can find their latest price guides here.

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Consider everything before you go ahead

All returned WAVs are checked and approved by Motability before they are offered to new customers but it’s important to remember that nearly new vehicles will have some wear and tear consistent with their age. Nearly new WAVs also have a lower mileage allowance of 60,000 instead of the 100,000 miles for brand new vehicles.

The number and type of WAVs available on the scheme is determined by the vehicles returned to Motability so nothing is guaranteed and stock is limited. You’ll need to be flexible about the make and model of WAV you’re willing to accept but we will always make sure the vehicle is fit for your needs.

This handy table from Motability is a useful guide to the differences between new and nearly new.

What’s the difference? New WAV Nearly new WAV
Lease length 5 years 3 years
Total mileage allowance 100,000 60,000
Vehicle age Brand new Less than three years old
Delivery times On average 12-16 weeks A few weeks or less
Advance payment Depends on the WAV Less than the equivalent new WAV
Taking the next steps

All Motability-approved WAV suppliers have access to the same stock of nearly new vehicles. All you need to do is lodge your enquiry with them and they will start the process of looking for a suitable vehicle. Be specific about how many seats you need and any other features that are a ‘must-have’ then wait for us to call. Motability updates its stock every week and your chosen supplier will keep checking the list for a WAV that meets your needs. We will always keep you updated and you can decline as many vehicles as you need to before we find the right WAV.

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